Mazal Tov to Daniel Sieradski and Ris Golden

Over the years, this site’s relationship with Dan – also known as Mobius – has had ups and downs, sometimes extremely so. However, as with any long-standing relationship, many ties exist between individuals on Jewlicious and Dan, and also with writers or former writers of Jewschool, the site he founded many years ago.

On August 15, Dan and the lovely Ris Golden were married in New York. As you can see in the image above, taken days before the actual celebration, the couple looks very happy. The wedding was reportedly joyous and touching:

Mobius is a man an unbridled passions, who never let lie an act of injustice, a constant crusader. But yesterday, he was serene and beaming, bashful and gleeful, as he stood before his bride and best friend, Ris, to complete the marriage before faith and family that they already sealed in New York state court weeks before. Ris’ serenity and sweetness imbued everyone with confidence, joy, and levity. The spirit of her father, who passed only weeks before, could be felt hovering over the processions, proudly and bittersweetly. Standing together like yin and yang, as their community escorted every step with niggunim and boisterous cheers, one felt that a little tikkun had healed in the heart of the world.

We wish the couple a huge mazal tov and our best wishes for a long, happy and beautiful life together!


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