The Eternal Hora

Dance Montreal, dance!

Federation CJA got a bright fund raising idea, dubbed the Eternal Hora, it’s a collection of silly dancing videos and for every video uploaded, $10 will be donated to Federation CJA for the important work it does in Montreal and Israel.

So far the videos include a clip by Larry King of CNN, a bunch of kids from me and muffti’s old stomping grounds at McGill Hillel as well as some really goofy shots taken at the Federation CJA offices. How’d they get King? Well Larry was in Montreal last week speaking at a fundraiser for Federation CJA at the TTheatre Maisonneuve in Place des Arts. I guess when you’re paying a 6 figure speaker’s fee, you can ask for extras. “Dance Larry, dance!!”

I like Eternal Hora even though it’s a flat out ripoff, err homage to Eternal Moonwalk (a Michael Jackson tribute site). And I learned a few things too! I learned that Moroccan Jews in Montreal still dance better than their Ashkenazic colleagues. I learned that the McGill Hillel Web site needs help. Badly (see JewMD for a good Hillel site). And I learned that Federation CJA is now capable of having fun! You don’t have to be from Montreal to upload a video and it just takes a few minutes. I’ll do it too and post the link here when its up. Feel free to post links in the comments section too if you upload a vid.

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