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Stand With Us is having a shop-Israel-day on November 30. They are asking people to go to their local stores and buy some Israeli items. I think I speak for all Jewlicious writers in supporting this action. The stores that carry Israeli products are coming under pressure from groups seeking to influence them. This is relatively easy to do since even a small group of protesters or protests can influence a store to drop a line of products. After all, who needs the hassle?

One obvious response is to make it worth their while to carry Israeli products. This shows that those encouraging a boycott are in the minority and it also exemplifies that it’s simply good business, not only moral business, to carry Israeli goods.

So please go out and buy some Israeli products. Today, tomorrow, on November 30. Whenever you have a chance.

Here’s part of the Stand With Us message:

On Tuesday, November 30, anti-Israel activists in New York City plan to demonstrate and call for boycotts of stores that sell Israeli products. Their target is Ricky’s because it carries Ahava goods. But this action in New York is just one of many. Boycotters have been energetically lobbying other stores across the country to drop Israeli products, from local co-ops to Costco and Trader Joe’s.

The pro-Israel, pro-peace community urges you to join a counter campaign. We are making November 30 a BIG (Buy Israeli Goods) Day. Let us show anyone that calls for boycotts of even one or two stores, that it will always be met with a much larger counter-movement to buy Israeli goods.

StandWithUs and the America-Israel Chambers of Commerce calls on schools, college campuses, synagogues, community organizations, and individuals to designate Tuesday, November 30, as the day to actively Buy Israeli Goods. Go to your local stores and request Israeli products. Whenever a boycott is called, respond by purchasing the very Israeli goods that are being targeted and let store managers know they should keep them well-stocked on the shelves.

The holiday season is fast approaching. When you go holiday shopping, choose presents from the wonderful array of Israeli-made items, from fine Israeli wines to the high quality Ahava beauty products, Israeli jewelry, shoes and clothing lines, and of course, food. Select Sabra or Tribe hummus, great Israeli wines and Osem cookies to grace your holiday party.

UPDATE: I am including all products made in the Land of Israel, and these include products made by Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria/West Bank. There is no distinction between these goods.

I believe that if there will be peace, Israel will relinquish about 96% of the West Bank and many of the Jewish communities there will have to leave or become part of the new Palestine (to date, the Palestinians reject this possibility entirely).

However, until that day, every Israeli who lives in Judea and Samaria is living on DISPUTED land, with the support and encouragement of every Israeli government since 1967. In other words, they are not rogues or criminals and many of us recognize that while there are extremists among them, the majority of the settlers are good people who have chosen to live where they do for a variety of reasons, many of them idealistic and with a view to supporting Israel.

Or you could shop at Tiffany’s and forget about folks in Israel. Or if you’re in Canada I guess you could shop at your local Birks jewellery stores.


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