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The only crosses might be the crossing of legs

Just wondering…. if actor/producer Leonardo DiCaprio decides to become a member of the Jewish faith, as is being reported today in Hollywood, in order to marry his girlfriend, Israeli actress/model Bar Refaeli, would he change his name from diCaprio (which sort of means goats in Italian) to Izzim (goats in Hebrew) or Gedi (goats in Aramaic)? As for the name of Leonardo, how about Lior? or Ivri?

The London Daily Mail reported on Sunday that DiCaprio would convert to the monotheistic religion of Judaism in order to marry Refaeli, a native of Hod HaSharon. DiCaprio and Refaeli met in 2005 at a party in Las Vegas for the music group, U2. According to the Daily Mail, Mr. DiCaprio is a fan of the royal suite of the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv. No word on whether he is a fan of dreidels.

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