NYC Tonight: Shemspeed Warehouse Art Rave & Fashion Show

Tonight is the opening night of Shemspeed’s annual Sephardic Music Festival and all indications are that it’s going to be an interesting night. Not content to just offer that standard Jewish event fare, Shemspeed seems to have gone all out with a multifaceted extravaganza of Jewy awesomeness featuring live music, a fashion show, graffiti artists, Jew keffiyehs and not a speck of geffilte fish anywhere. The event begins at 7pm at Industry City, located at 220 36th Brooklyn, NY 11232 or get all the details of all Festival related shows and happenings at www.sephardicfest.com. Oh and just for the hell of it, here’s a promo video:

Safar, so good. Heh…

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