Masa Israel Gets it right on facebook

You know me. I can be a tad critical when large Jewish organizations misuse social media. So when someone gets it right, I have to stay true to my overall values and give kudos where kudos are deserved. Such is the case with Masa Israel’s new Facebook App. Those looking for an appropriate long term program in Israel funded by MASA need merely go to MASA’s Facebook page where they will be met with a wealth of well organized options in a tidy little, well-designed package. The interface is attractive and intuitive and you don’t need to worry about missing your usual Facebook updates or text messages from that guy that sat behind you in elementary school. MASA Israel has now raised the bar on effective use of Facebook and those of us (ie me) who think we are such bad asses are duly humbled. Seriously. I am embarrassed for me. Now if you want to, you can meet and chat with MASA representatives at this weekend’s upcoming Jewlicious Festival. If you miss that, and I pity you if you do, you can get more Masa Israel facetime at TribeFest in Las Vegas from March 6-8.

And if you miss that too… I guess you could go to Masa Israel’s Facebook app. But I mentioned that already didn’t I? Oy.

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  1. Benji Lovitt

    2/23/2011 at 11:47 pm

    Kol hakavod, Masa!

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