Question Your Leaders AND Their Ideas

Protesters in Libya deface a billboard with Gadhafi on it (AP)

I worry about the masses who question the the idea that they live under tyranny yet fail to question the ideas of the tyrants. Once and for all people; Zionism and Nazism are NOT morally equivalent. The Swastika and the Star of David do NOT belong side by side. This is not my opinion. This is a fact.

Please, people of Libya and Egypt and Bahrain and Yemen and Saudi Arabia, throw off the chains of your servitude and exert your rights to be free to recognize how your leaders have used Israel as the foil to the dictatorial exploitation of their own citizens. Please, as you exert your rights and gain the freedom you deserve, throw out the baby with the bathwater!

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rav shmuel

Rav Shmuel is a Rabbi who hangs out in Greenwich Village and plays original compositions on his guitar and ukulele. On the rare occasions when he is not posting artistically rendered photographs on Instagram he can be found posting random videos to Facebook. A few times a year someone holds a gun to his head and says "blog!" So he does.
rav shmuel
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