Will A Third Intifada Be Launched From Facebook?

UPDATE: Facebook removed the Third Intifada page, and it has been replaced by a new identical page.
Additionally, here is the link to the Facebook terror content complaint page. Not joking.

The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions were aided by Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites which helped activists organize the protests which eventually brought the tyranical dictators to the ground. Apparently, some activists are now using those same social networks to urge their fellow Muslims to start an international uprising against Israel and start a new “Third Intifadah.”

Much of the text on the page is embedded in a photo and unavailable for translation. However, the pages “info” section is in Arabic reads something like this (or so says Google Translator)

After the intifada uprising of Egyptian and Tunisian and Libyan uprising, it is the role of the Palestinian Intifada
The first Palestinian uprising in 1987 and was the second Palestinian intifada was the year 2000. The Palestinian uprising, the third time we will decide soon on this page. We communicate with the directors of the Arabic pages that have large numbers of participants and said they will help us in the dissemination of this page …
This page has been created at 03/06/2011 .. God willing we will reach million this week .. it was time for the Liberation of Palestine. http://www.Facebook.com/Palestinian.Intifada

The sites authors have two other likes, one for a volunteer army to liberate Palestine and one a generic free Palestine page. Both of these pages seem to also advocate for war against Israel and general support for Hamas. The Third Intifada page also has three videos, one which is an ominous promotion for the 15th of May.

This kind of activity on Facebook has not gone by unnoticed. There are al least three Facebook events organized against the pro-Intifada website too. One encourages people to boycott Facebook for a day, and another over 11k people attending, asks you to report the page to Facebook.

From a basic perusal of Facebook’s Terms, it seems that 3rd Intifada page is not so kosher, “You will not post content that…. incites violence”.

Will Facebook do the right thing and bring this page down?
Will a massive Intifada be waged on May 15th organized in whole or part by this page?
How many people would it take to flag this page for hate to force Facebook’s hand (or mouse click)?
Would all the Muslims in the world stop using Facebook if the page is taken down?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.


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