A Gay Girl in Damascus

Amina describes herself as an out lesbian, and her blog presents her “…thoughts on life, the universe and so on.” What’s remarkable is that Amina lives in Damascus. What’s heart wrenching is that she is in hiding, probably because of some posts on her blog that were critical of the Assad regime. Yesterday she narrowly escaped being arrested by the dreaded Syrian secret police, after being warned by her aged father: “They came back for you. This time, there’s nothing I can do. Go somewhere and don’t tell me where you are. Be safe. I love you.” She snuck back home despite the fact that two agents were waiting in front. Amina grabbed some of her things and snuck away, finding refuge at a friend’s house. How scary must it be to be hunted down in such a manner? How brave must Amina be to share her thoughts and experiences despite the great risk. Here’s hoping she stays safe and weathers this storm, unhurt and unbroken.

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  1. Lev Ha'ir

    5/16/2011 at 12:46 am

    I’m sad to have to tell you that brave as Amina is, she’s no friend of ours. Her post about learning Hebrew to some day help negotiate a Golan withdrawal and to work at a Tel Aviv Consulate is playing the community for freyers:


    • adsabry

      7/8/2011 at 11:16 am

      lev i just don’t get it what Israelis really want, how can we prove that we want peace,
      u of course were raised to believe that we-Arabs- are Vampires, big fat lies machine, how can we prove that we want peace as much as u do?

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