Get Out Of Bed, Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

The world’s most wanted evildoer, Osama Bin Laden, a villain of super-human proportions, has been killed on Yom Hashoah. He was killed in an exchange of gunfire with brave US Navy Seals in a compound in Pakistan. The timing is impecable. Evildoers will face judgement for their crimes. According to Jewish tradition and prayers: those who perpetrate evil will face justice. There is no reprieve for evildoers.

I pray for the victims of this evil man. My thoughts are with those whose lives were ripped apart by his terror. I hope that this marks the beginning of the end of his murderous group.

Nasrallah — you’re next.

I could not resist.

Here is the Osama Bin Laden himself taking credit for 9/11:


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