Jewlicious Presents: Oy Vey LA #3, Feat. Kosha Dillz, Sweatshop Union, Sept. 8th

Team Kosha, Jewlicious & Shemspeed Present:
OY VEY LA #3 a installment of LA shows bridging LA hip hop and jewish culture into one room, with guest form all over the world.

Our Featured act this month is Sweatshop Union! from Vancouver, Canada
Kosha Dillz, Sweatshop Union, Mo Dolla$, E Trainm, MC Pig Pen,Spiv

* Hosted by Verbs
Ac The Program Director on the wheels
show starts 10pm and goes till 2am.

RSVP to receive a Free Download of Kosha Dillz & the Shemspeed team’s hit, “Boom Selecta”
email: rsvp@shemspeed.com

www.koshadillz.com | www.jconnectla.com | www.shemspeed.com

8771 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035-2212
(310) 275-2619

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