RU Jewlicious? LA Pool Party October 9th

UPDATE: Oh No! Technical Pool Difficulties have forced the postponement of this event. Darn.

Pool culture is an essential part of life in LA. Despite its proximity to many lovely beaches, pools remain the place for civilized, urbane lounging. Far from the ruffian surfers and sand, a pool is where you go to relax, shmooze, work out a deal for your next film production, ogle, or all of the above.

Now you can join the Jewlicious folks who run Jewlicious.ru for a sophisticated day of all inclusive kosher food, beverages, networking and cosmopolitan banter.

Heh. Have you ever partied with Russians? I know Sasha and George and as much as I’d like to pitch this as a genteel experience, really what this is going to be is a butt load of fun. Big massive fun in the context of a big pool and a bubbly Jacuzzi. And lets not forget good tunes, Russians Angelenos, a raffle and other surprises. Sounds like the opening chapter of a promising novel. Or episode of Californication. Who reads anymore these days?

If you go, you can chat with Sasha about her experience working on Jewlicious.ru and what it takes to present interesting Jewish topics to a world wide Russian speaking audience. Yup. Do that. I’ll be drinking vodka and hanging out by the Jacuzzi (I wish!!!). Keep in mind, space is limited and spots are filling up fast. Visit the event’s facebook page to reserve and get more info.

Имейте замечательный товарищ время!

This party was made possible in part thanks to the generous support of the ROI Community.

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