Bibi Kills Abbas then Chops Up Body for Stew

But before you get outraged or excited, depending on your perspective, I’m not talking about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and President of the Palestine Authority Mahmoud Abbas. This had nothing to do with insisting on the “right” of return, or some dispute involving the Nakba. I’m talking about Zainab Bibi, 32, who was arrested in connection with the murder Tuesday of her husband Ahmad Abbas in Karachi, Pakistan.

Bibi drugged her husband Abbas, hung him, chopped his body up into 51 pieces which she then proceeded to cook in an attempt to get rid of the body. Neighbors alerted the police when they smelled a putrid odor emanating from the house – which is weird because I always thought people stew would smell like chicken.

Why did Bibi do this to Abbas? It wasn’t to thwart a statehood bid but rather to prevent Abbas from getting his grubby paws on Bibi’s teenage daughter from a previous marriage. Here, watch the report from CNN:

And remember… don’t mess with Pakistani women…

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