On the Lower East Side, the “M” in “ATM” stands for Matzoh

With Passover months and months away, this LES prank wasn’t timely, but it sure was funny. Bowery Boogie reports:

Mere blocks from the storied Streit’s Matzo factory at 148 Rivington Street, some prankster placed the unleavened bread on every possible surface of the ATM outside the Magician. Covering the screen, credit card insertion point, in the cash dispenser, and on the keypad; you name it. Pretty friggin’ hilarious. Many passing pedestrians had the sum gut reaction – a quick giggle before taking out the camera.

That being said, it’s never too early to remind you that Streit’s is like, the last independent Matzoh producer in the US. Also, they are very cool. Here’s what an Automated Transaction Matzoh looked like:

wendy in furs

I live and blog anonymously from New York. If my boss knew this was me, I'd be fired in a nano-second. Ha ha! Screw you boss man!

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