Kosha Dillz Diary Vol. 1: Respectfully Requesting More Yarmulkes

Guest Post by Kosha Dillz

I am currently 10,000 plus feet in the air on some go go flight 15 dollar Internet shenanigan and after speaking with Rabbi Yonah at many of his amazing Shabbat dinners, I feel its time to introduce myself more to what Kosha Dillz is in his own Jewish identity. Yes I am Jewish. Its funny that this question was asked to me at Jewlicious multiple times.

As many of you know, I have been playing the Jewlicious Festival for a few years, and even when I wasn’t, I decided still to go and play for like a freestyle. I remember I did not know Rabbi Yonah then but I recall showing up in my Nisaan Pathfinder, (which is now humbly parked in a Korea Town parking garage ) unloaded my merchandise and slept under a table in the concert hall where I recently played.

And so with actions like this, I have been labeled as a hustler. Sure its a good thing if you are Larry Flynt, or a hardcore hip hop aficionado, but I’d rather be known (or at least paid more) as a gentleman, a scholar, a curator, and man who transcends boundaries rather than crosses.

A man who runs around and raps sounds like he is on some sort of rap drug. Me on the other hand, I have a plan behind it as a purpose within the Jewish context of Kosha Dillz. Yes there is a deep spiritual meaning behind the ambiguous name and attitude. I bet you are crawling out your seat to see examples.

We need to push ourselves in being independent, as Jews have been since the eternity of time. Being an independent salesman is hard in a field that no one has embarked on . The Jewish rapper who sleeps on floors and needs to sell cds for a living. I want Jews to feel my story and sometimes you don’t want to support my mission. Its ok. I shall be patient I still love you.

Here comes some Jewish rapper guy that’s weird rapping in Hebrew and keeps bothering me. Boy do I hate this guy> i just want to be in my shell because I have other weird Jewish issues I can’t talk to anyone about. Let me put this man Kosha Dillz down and call people to tell them he is annoying, aka he contacted me for a show three times, he HUSTLES aka lets treat him as the Hebrew Uncle Stalker that Lonely Elephant is Stupid!

Kosha you are close. Its o.k. to push and hustle like a mad man. You are a hustler. A great one. You are key to survival 10 people will listen but 5 will say stuff about you that is bad but 10 really support. How Under Scrutiny the Love eludes Rami. People love you but sometimes i forget to acknowledge i only need the approval from G-d himself.

In benefit of winning over a confused Jewish person, or someone who is detached form their own heritage and own birthright, I do things for free because I love being Jewish so much. As a hustler, you never want to do something for free. But then I think of Rabbi’s and programs who literally have to give Jews a bunch of money to do something Jewish, while other faiths like Christianity make you pay $3000 for a trip to Jerusalem, we pay our kids to go and feed them 3 times a day.

Heal up Slowly than Lower every dollar. It hurts that sometimes they don’t believe but we cannot force anyone to do anything they want. Lets just give away a bunch of free stuff so we can do something great in God’s eyes and bring Jews together. Even if it they are not a Jew, let them see what Kosha Dillz is really about and give them a different story they are not used to.

I don’t have a beard. I have a checkered past. I work for myself. I just started dating Jewish girls. Why is my story not as inspiring as others? it is my friends. My journey is too, all you have to do is a have a little trust and I am willing to wait.

In the rap world, you would never think to see the day. I recently was called up to Play Hip Hop Hanukkah with Hot 97 morning show host Peter Rosenberg at the legendary SOBS on De 15th. Do I feel that this is a great chance to play a Jewish event? It’s not a Jewish event. Most people at a hip hop Hanukkah will not be Jewish. THh performers are signed to labels like Stones Throw and Shady Records w/ Eminem. Action Bronson, who is half Jewish/Albanian, has a song called Muslim Wedding and raps about Jewish Mothers. Peter Rosenberg, the face of NYC music, is changing the game by being the Jew on the morning show.

I guess the point of this article is like, why Judge?

Why aren’t there more Jews at my events to really start a movement of supporting the people for where they are at in the journey? Being distant from us or anyone for that matter is the most driving force to keep those relationships far from a bond that could be shared. Just because i don’t have tzit tzit on or a long beard or yarmulke, doesn’t mean my mission is any different. Please remember that when my family was killed as was yours in the holocaust, they didn’t pick and choose neither. Everyone was equal.

respectfully requesting more yarmulke


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