This Week in Jew Envy

It’s often difficult to imagine how a people that was massacred less than 70 years ago is now the subject of such envy. The Jewish community wails about declining population numbers, decreased levels of affiliation and increased rates of intermarriage and assimilation. And yet? Titans of Industry (sort of) and former Presidents allow their daughters to marry Jews. We lose some, and then we win some, but isn’t it odd that it seems as if greater acceptance comes with greater peril? Is the diaspora loving us to death? That’s all America centric but things are weird in the Former Soviet Union too. Like how about this new restaurant in Ukraine where diners wear Hassidic hats with attached payos and haggle on the final price of the bill. Or this report from St. Petersburg, Russia where being a Jewess is an advantage in the dating world. This past weekend I spoke at a Russian Shabbaton in Chicago and one of the people I met told me how her Uncle moved back to Russia from Israel and suddenly became religious there. Israel was supposed to save him and yet he moved back and moving back brought him closer to his Judaism! Weird right? Jews are endlessly weird. Why is that??

While you contemplate these serious questions, please enjoy this goofy video called “The Goy Wonder – Not Chosen” by NYC comedian Tim Eberle. Fun fun fun!

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