Drake’s (Re) Bar Mitzvah Video Debuts

We made reference to this video in a previous Drake-related post and now it’s dropped. Yes, Drake is Jewish and the video was shot shot at Temple Israel in Miami, but can you discern the hidden Kabbalistic relevance in the “Hell Yeah Fucking Right!” chorus?

Jenni Maier over at Crushable notes:

Just in time for the Jewish holidays, Drake released his Bar-Mitvzah-themed music video for “HYRF“, also known as “Hell Yeah Fucking Right.” Which was conicidentally also the theme of my Bat Mitzvah. The party favors were joke condoms that said, “hell yeah fucking right.” Needless to say, they were hit in my Hebrew school!

Man. I clearly went to all the wrong Bat Mitzvahs… And Bar Mitzvahs for that matter. Didn’t have no Lil Wayne at my place. The video includes a clip of a very young Drake wowing all the Toronto swells with his awesome dance moves. Clearly, this represents Drake’s re-commitment to the Jewish religion, as stated in the video into, and for that I salute you sir.

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