Ambitious Week-Long BBYO Fundraising Project

A group of Jewish teenage leaders have embarked upon an ambitious initiative to support their overseas brethren. These BBYO teens decided to spearhead ILTC Reach, an one-week fundraising project to support BBYO groups overseas. Attending the organization’s International Leadership Training Conference, these teens are aiming to raise $5000 and, according to their web page, “are calling to those around the AZA and BBG Orders, and around the Jewish Community to help us ensure that Global Jewish Peoplehood continues to receive support.”

A scene from the initiative’s YouTube video

“A group of us wanted to have Jewish teens around the world all have the same opportunity that we do,” said Michael Vivier of Dallas, TX. “It also goes to helping start up BBYO in countries all the world.”

“We got into a group for a globalization program and decided on doing a rally for globalization, complete with speakers and music,” said Melissa Bosem of Weston, FL. “We also decided to do a campaign to raise $5000 to support ISF and help Jewish communities overseas.”

In addition to the webpage, a promotional video for their project is viewable here.

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