The Roof is on Fire…Literally

Chaos hit Yehuda HaMaccabi Street in Tel Aviv last night as bar and coffee shop attendees as well as neighbors noticed a fire on the roof top, directly above Michelle Appelbaum of Jewlicious’ home. Neighbors say they saw and smelled the fire and were concerned for the safety of the people living in the building. Firefighters claim this event was one caused by the use of the Israeli mazgan, Hebrew for air conditioner, and as a result of a combination of an evil landlord, pathetic air conditioning, and the old decrepit building, fire broke loose on the roof.

The “old north” is the ultimate and most desired neighborhood in Tel Aviv (that’s a fact, just like San Diego  is the best town in the world). According to bar owner Yotam, a restaurant that chooses to remain anonymous suffers the consequences of setting on fire on an annual basis. Some people enjoy their birthday once a year, perhaps their anniversary each year…but this restaurant actually chooses not to find a solution to their yearly fire break out.

The disaster on Yehuda HaMaccabi Street has led to a series of events, including excessive wine drinking by those affected by the fire, dizziness, fatigue and hallucination due to a lack of air in the home of the affected, and even nightmares causing insomnia (hence a written post at 4:45 am.).

Will they ever sleep again? Will the evil woman who owns the apartment purchase new mazgans for inhabitants? Will Yehuda HaMaccabi Street ever be the same?

Just ask Idan Raichel, resident of the neighborhood, who can be found strolling around in a friendly, calm and curious manner. Just as Yotam, bar owner, who can be found serving Le Chouffe as much as your heart desires. Just ask Sharon of Sharon Chen, who can be found cutting, styling and coloring the hair of Tel Aviv residents.

The help of the multiple fire trucks, firefighters, ambulance, and helpful neighbors running to the rescue prevented further damage, and after a small amount of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, residents’ lives will eventually return to normal.

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