You’ve Never Seen Jerusalem like This!

Do you want to see Jerusalem as you’ve never seen it before? Then check out this trailer for Jerusalem, coming to an IMAX theater near you in 2013. It features, among other things, low altitude aerial photography of the Old City, which is ordinarily a no fly zone. The trailer is itself quite stunning, I can just imagine how awesome the IMAX experience will be – and I live in Jerusalem. I see Jerusalem in 3D every day. But clearly, not like this. The Web site describes the film as follows:

Through the unrivaled beauty and visceral nature of the IMAX® experience, JERUSALEM seeks to increase public understanding and appreciation for Jerusalem’s historical, spiritual, cultural and artistic uniqueness, as well as highlighting some of the intersections between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

If the movie ends up being as cool as I suspect it will be, then this would be an understatement! Plus I think it’s nice to have a video up in December that has nothing to do with Hanukkah, per se. Oh and here’s a hint – dim the lights, and watch the trailer in full screen mode.

H/T: JewTube

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