Shalom, Asher!

If you haven’t yet seen the fabulousness that is the play, “My Name is Asher Lev,” one word comes to mind… go!

Asher Lev

“My Name is Asher Lev” is based on the novel by Chaim Potok and landed the prestigious Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Off-Broadway Play. The show exemplifies the ability of Chaim Potok’s works to address universal concerns, such as the struggles between faith and secularity, tradition and modernity. Potok, who was surprised his first book, The Chosen, became such a massive hit, ultimately sold more than 3 million copies. And he was widely recognized as the first Jewish writer to show others the world of hasidic Jews. Some called him an urban Hemingway.

This show’s appeal bodes well for the equally universal concerns stressed in the recently opened Broadway run of “Soul Doctor,” which I wrote about last year.

Check it out. And soon. “Asher” closes Sept. 1.

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