Trolling Al-Qaeda


Kudos go out to J.M. Berger for successfully trolling the bejeezus (if I may) out of terrorist group Al-Qaeda. According to BuzzFeed, an Al-Qaeda affiliated twitter solicited ideas for media opportunities using a hash tag in Arabic that read “suggestions for the development of jihadi media.” Berger, who is an author and expert on terrorism, suggested that people do just that – send suggestions for cool media ideas to advance the Jihadi cause.

Al Quaeda Trolling

Some of the ideas suggested?

– “Deliver unicorn statues to jihadists who deny climate change”
– “Three words: Celebrity Big Brother”
– “I hear porn is pretty popular with the kids these days”
– “Girl, I’ll be the car bomb to your blast wall!”
– “Al Qaeda the Movie: Dude, where’s my car bomb?”
– “More cats in online video releases”

Some of these ideas are actually pretty good. I mean, who doesn’t love cats? Or porn… but yeah, I imagine the Jihadi world is really confused right now.


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