Children and the Media

Media’s presence in children’s lives is totally ubiquitous. Today, children spend almost six hours a day with media, they spend more time with media than any other activity, except for sleeping. This exposure has potentially negative consequences for children, yet media’s unique power and reach can also be used to educate them and enrich their lives.

Television, which once dominated children’s media consumption habits, is now joined by computers, video game players, cell phones and other connected devices. The result is that children today are completely immersed in media experiences from a very young age. Regulating the impact these experiences are having on children has become very challenging, for society.

This podcast explores this sensitive topic from three different perspectives. Disney films and the romantic ideal they present, ‘selfies’ and their popularity among teenagers , and children’s radio, a commonly thought old-fashioned medium, particularly for the younger generations.

This IsReal – Children and the Media podcast

This podcast is part of the IDC International Radio programming.

IDC International Radio


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