DAYO LIVE! Watch us get married…

Thanks to TM for announcing my upcoming nuptials. The festivities begin tomorrow morning Israel time and, in true nerd-o fashion, it will be broadcast live. That’s for the sake of grandparents, family and friends who couldn’t make it to Israel. Simply visit http://j.mp/dayolive starting at 10 am Israel time, 3 am EST, Midnight PST or whatever the equivalent is wherever you might be. Furthermore, if you can’t make it live, it will be archived on that page for the foreseeable future – barring a Zombie apocalypse of course. Nothing survives a Zombie apocalypse… Big thanks to the Jerusalem Media Group for all their help livestreaming the event – http://jerusalemmediagroup.com/ – check them out for any and all of your live streaming needs!

It’s been a crazy several months starting with our engagement and culminating with this wedding. I’m still in a kind of daze, truly expecting to wake up at any moment only to find out this was all a dream. But, on the assumption that this isn’t some crazy, drug induced hallucination, when you click on that link tomorrow, you will indeed see me and the love of my life Amy Oppenheimer getting hitched. That’s Amy in the photo above. In the coming days, I will inundate the social media with loads of cutesie pics (the one above was taken at the Machaneh Yehudah market at the Yemenite Juice Healer’s stall) and for that I apologize in advance.

On a final note, we are still getting registry information requests. Gift registries are not a common thing here in Israel at all. We found a place nonetheless and you can see our registry at http://j.mp/dayo2014.

Ok. I’m done for tonight. Tomorrow is gettin’ married time. Still haven’t woken up… Sweet!

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