How did Trump do with the Jews? Not so good.

Apparently, not so good. According to 2016 presidential exit polling conducted by Pew research, only 24% of Jewish voters voted for Trump while 71% voted for Clinton. That represents a 2% increase in Jewish Democratic support over the 2012 Obama / Romney election but still below the 78% support Obama enjoyed against McCain in 2008, the 74% Kerry enjoyed over Bush in 2004 and the 79% support Gore enjoyed over Bush in the 2000 Presidential elections.


As for other faiths? Fully 60% of white Catholics and 81% of white Evangelical Christians supported thrice-divorced Trump whose current wife and future first lady posed nude during her modeling career. In fact, Trump received more support from white Evangelicals than was enjoyed by either Romney, McCain or Bush.

What’s really ironic is that despite faith-based voting results, it’s less than likely that Trump will be a strong advocate for the Evangelical agenda. How likely is it that the hopefully former “p*ssy grabbing ladies man” is going to be pivotal in overturning Roe v. Wade? Trump, like Republican Presidents since Reagan, will probably pay lip service to the Evangelicals, but will not affect any significant legislation on their behalf – except when it comes to Israel.

Already, Trump has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah to visit him and Melania in DC. Trump promised during the election to move the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He also suggested Saudi Arabi acquire nuclear missiles, but why quibble over details? Good luck America!

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