Cop Who Tried To Enforce Gun Laws Among Arabs Let Off With Warning This Time

The policewoman failed to appreciate the importance of knowing when to enforce the law and when to feign powerlessness or lack of resources.

Beer Sheva, April 24 – A rookie policeman who arrested a Bedouin for a firearms violation faced a disciplinary panel for running afoul of policies that bar such police activities among minorities, but will undergo no further punitive measures unless she disregards the regulations again.

Southern District police spokesman Gayis Hamishi told reporters that the unnamed patrolwoman will remain off the street until she completes a retraining course to better instill departmental procedures, but her salary, rank, and career advancement will remain unmarred, provided she avoids enforcing gun laws among Arabs again.

Video clips surfaced over the weekend of a group of Bedouin from the Beer Sheva outskirts disregarding traffic laws and firing unlicensed automatic weapons in the air. Area residents have complained for decades of the lawlessness of many Bedouin, which includes vandalism, protection rackets, illegal arms sales, building violations, polygamy, and other offenses, and that the police and other enforcement agencies ignore the problem or take only token measures. The officer in question, explained Hamishi, misunderstood the protocols that govern the apprehension of non-Jews engaging in crime.

“What the policewoman failed to appreciate is the importance of knowing when to enforce the law and when to feign powerlessness or lack of resources,” he indicated. “When Jewish Israelis are suspected of crime, the police and Shabak have used actual torture, even on minors – minors who were arrested because of association with radical influences, not because there was any specific evidence. But we do not enforce the law against Bedouin weapons trafficking and theft from IDF bases, for example, unless forced to, and that hasn’t happened.”

“The same thing goes for illegal migrants,” he continued. “The vast majority of those who enter the country illegally aren’t asylum seekers and by law should be deported, but we’re not going to touch them. Better to let South Tel Aviv become a hotbed of violence and gang crime than to risk the wrath of a few NGOs and Haaretz. I shudder when I think about the alternative. And don’t even start with Arabs burning Jewish crops and destroying farm equipment and facilities.”

According to other police sources, the man arrested by the officer was released as soon as the details of the case became clear, and has received both an apology from the police and a cash gift for his troubles and the anguish that may have been caused to his clan. Police representatives kept silent on whether the illegal weapons used in the incident remain in police custody or have been returned to the men arrested.

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