The Rothschilds: The One State or Two State (Family) Solution

Peace has arrived in our time, a court case has been averted…. for the Rothschild families.

Would they continue with a two state (family) solution or one?

Perhaps ever since the 1760’s, when Mayer Amschel Rothschild sent five of his sons to various cities and countries to create a banking and relationship network, the families have been fighting over the use of the Rothschild name (specifically … using just the Rothschild name without a first name or first initial).

Lately, two Rothschild private banks have been arguing over the rightful use of the name: David de Rothschild (75) and his son, Alexandre (37) run the Paris-based, highly influential (in France) Rothschild & Company (which acquired the London based NM Rothschild & Sons in 2012). Edmond de Rothschild – a Swiss private bank and asset management firm – is run by Benjamin de Rothschild and his wife, Ariane de Rothschild (52), the current CEO.

Attorneys Jean-Michel Darrois in Paris and Henri D’Armagnac in Switzerland were hired to be the peacemakers.

The latest solution?
Paris based Rothschild & Company will stop using the domain name of rothschild.com
Paris based Rothschild & Company will start using the domain name of rothschildandco.com
Geneva based La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild SA remains a subsidiary of Edmond de Rothschild.
Families will unwind their complex cross-ownerships and cross-shareholdings. (Rothschild had owned 8% of Edmond)
Another variant, Rothschild Martin Maurel will operate in France, Belgium, and Monaco and be run by Laurent Gagnebin
Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, perhaps the Rothschild primary spouse who did not convert to Judaism, will conitue to support Jewish and Israel-based philanthropies

So essentially, it is a separation agreement, with a security wall separating their use of the Rothschild name.

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