TJS S3E30 Six Day War IV – The waiting

Going into battle may take bravery, but waiting demands a certain type of courage as well. This episode lays out the final steps of the build up to war, known in Israeli history as “the waiting, and the tension which builds in these three weeks will soon explode into war.

Rav Mike Feuer
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  1. Mark Sober

    6/29/2020 at 2:18 am

    Israeli six-day war is the fastest war known to the humanity. I’ve been studying the same war from a last few days. Pretty interesting strategies and valour by the Israeli soldiers.

    The reason behind the war is obviously to oppress and destroy the non-moslem people ( in this case jewish ). The same issue is present everywhere on this planet, where “these” countries try to promote their religion and kill “Kafirs”.

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