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  • “My First Kafka” by Matthue Roth

    Kids love scary stories. Scary and gory – the original Little Red Riding Hood was indeed gobbled up by the wolf. In Cinderella, the mean...

  • Friday Afternoon at the Shuk

    …and who did I run into at Café Aroma? Female Orthodox rapper Rinat Guttman and g-dcast dude, ROI alum, myjewishlearning.com guru and all around great...

  • G-dcast: The Interview

    Sarah Lefton and Matthue Roth discuss g-dcast

  • G-DCast: Noah by Matthue Roth

    This week’s Parsha is Noah, which was my Bar Mitzvah Parsha. The inimitable Matthue Roth, ROI120 alum, author, musician and G-DCast Educational Director is the...

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