Final day of Chanukah 🙁

StefaniYup, eight days and I have yet to hear that Adam Sandler, Chanukah song. I must be doing something right as my prayers seem to have been answered! But there has been no shortage of Jewishy music to listen to. The latest batch was brought to our attention by our buddy (and yes, client) Rabbi Yonah of Beach Hillel. Sit back and listen to Gwen Stefani’s fun but oddly disturbing rendition of If I was a Rich Man Girl, the Fiddler on the Roof classic. Also check out Suburban Homeboy singing Tradition (Same dude that did that Hey Ya! song). These are not Chanukah songs, and Stefani’s track is only peripherally Jewish, but what the hey! If Rabbi Yonah approves then who am I to be picky?

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  • There’s an older “Rich Girl” song, by (according to quick internet research) Krystal Harris and Lady Saw. I remember hearing it once in a while on the radio, it was always good for kicks 🙂 . The tune part that sounds spookily like Hatiqva always freaked me out, though… i couldn’t tell whether it was trying to be pro- or anti-semitic 😛 . Anyway, the song rocks. I wish i could find a recording of it.

  • I am told that in the video, she does the shtetel dance, just like Zero Mostel OBM.

  • It’s more like a little hand motion that lasts for all of 1.5 seconds. One of the great moments in modern Jewish culture.

  • The original one is Louchie Lou & Michie One … I think one of the MP3s floating around got mislabelled or something. (It’s a lot better.)

  • Yeah… i heard the origional in a club in Montreal durring diver/cite (the gay pride event there)… and yes.. the origional has Hatikvah in the background… trippy… you don’t know whether to stand still or dance 😉

  • Gwen Stefani: NOT a Jew but married to a half-Jew

    According to,

    2. Best new Fiddler cover: Songstress Gwen Stefani pays tribute to the Topol classic If I Was A Rich Man on her new album Love, Music, Angel, Baby. Rich Girl is a funked-up version of the track, substituting ‘man’ for ‘girl’ and bringing the lyrics up to date. You can hear the track – and see the video – for yourself at: Wonder if her half-Jewish husband Gavin “Bush” Rossdale, inspired her?

  • Well, jews aren’t semitic, so it shouldn’t bother us if others are anti-semitic.

    I understand that anti-semitism is the world’s number one mental illness, and that those who deny their anti-semitism are the worst anti-semites and are worse than Jesus, but I don’t think Gwen falls into either category.

    If you asked her, she’d probably say “Well, I probably am an anti-semite, being a gentile. It’s really terrible. And of course, I’m White, so I must have racists tendencies. But it could be worse, I could be one of those horrible pure-bred White men without any jewish admixture! Now that would be a sin.”

  • First of all, the song’s chorus is based on an old song called ‘If I was Rotschild’
    SWecong, Jews ARE

  • Sorry for the double post.

    First of all, the song’s chorus is based on an old song called If I was Rotschild;
    second, Jews ARE Semites, just like Arabs are. The only difference is that anti-Semites hate Jews, not Arabs.
    Third, Jesus didn’t hate Jews- he WAS Jewish, for crying out loud. He just wanted to re-form the religion.
    And I am Jewish and live in Isael, so I should think I know these things.

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