Hip Hop HoodiosJosh Norek of the Hip Hop Hoodios, just back from 2 gigs in Paris writes:

Just got back from Paris and saw your email too late. Hopefully, your friends still came out – our shows were GREAT. We played with a 10 piece band, and rocked both nights – really good crowds, a large percentage of which wasn’t even Jewish. We apparently got a lot of radio play on Radio Nova (hiphop/electronic station), which is surreal. They had me and Abe go on and do live freestyling. My French being limited to a few basic words, I was thrilled to work in “Bon jour, bon sois, menage a trois…je ma pelle Joshua, and it’s Hanukkah!”

Vive le France!!!!!

For those of you who missed the show, check out this video (Quick Time) featuring Violinist Estelle Goldfarb playing with the Hoodios on a track called 1492. For those of you who missed Chanukah, check out the Hoodios Chanukah music video, Ocho Kandelikas (8 Candles).

The Hoodios have also recently released a new album, Agua Pa’ La Gente, Order it here! The CD is available for only $11.98 if you use the special “HHH” discount promo code.

… and Josh? Your French is terrible!!!

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  • The Hoodios kick ass Dan. Ask nice and I’ll even throw a track or two on Playalicious for y’all to listen to and judge accordingly. And like a Chinese restaurant frequented by other Chinese, you know its good cuz the natives like it too. I have no explanation as to why Latino gang bangers dig on the Hoodios, but they do, so they must be good.

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