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Seriously, the Iranians are starting to sound like a broken record. Something happened in Iraqui cities Najaf and Kerbala and the Iranians quickly claimed:

“I am sure Israeli and American spy services were behind these events. This is a plot which aims at keeping the Iraqis so busy that they will miss the exceptional chance to participate in the January 30 elections,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, speaking to Mecca pilgrimage organizers on state TV.

OK. Look Ayatollah, we know you don’t want anyone to be paying too much attention to your rapidly evolving and expanding nuclear weapons program. That’s cool. I mean if I wanted to distract American attention from my shenanigans, I’d do the same. But please, can we at least revise the speaking point templates you all use when blaming Israel? You know, just for a little variety? When contemplating nuclear weaponry falling into the hands of imbalanced dictators, one does not expect boredom. A little stupidity is perhaps understandable, but boredom? No. Not cool.

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  • Iranian news must be so predictable, i mean do Iranians enjoy reading stories about american and israeli sinistry every day? dont they ever want some propaganda about thailand for a change. Forget “regime change”, how about “news change”?

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