Miracle JugsOh… probably not what you think

But this story does involve an archaeologist, and some ancient miracle jugs that were found in Israel. But the photos attached to the story were kind of boring, so I put in Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft (an archaeologist) in Israel, contemplating these very important pottery shards.

See, they figure they found the site of where Jesus turned water into wine (although of course we know that never really happened). This was based on the discovery of these pottery or jug shards which could have been the same kind of vessels the Bible says Jesus used in his first miracle. Which never happened. Yeah. Well, just read the story. It’s very interesting, even though really, Angelina Jolie has nothing to do with it.

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  • Thanks for the link…the whole article was worth reading for the quote, “we do have here is a village of Jesus!” A village of Jesus…

  • Oh, and also the site of the Simchat Beit HaShoeva – known as the most joyous celebration of the year – in Temple times. But, yeah – Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (It’s not your fault the Press Release from the antiquities authority focussed purely on the Jesus story)

  • It’s like the 2000-year-old boat they dug up from the bottom of the Kineret near Ginosar (coolest place in the Galil. why? it sounds like “dinosaur”! anyway…).

    So they dig up this boat, right, and they want to get Christian tourists to come see it, so they advertise it as the “Jesus boat”. And they ask rhetorical questions like “Who knows whose boat this was back 2000 years ago? Was it a Galilean fisherman’s boat? Was it used in trade? Did it belong to Jesus or one of his disciples????”

    Yeah. So. Ginosar sounds like “dinosaur”.

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