“Non-Jewish 13-year-olds celebrate faux bar mitzvahs” reports the Pittsburgh Tribune.

ehhhh, wtf?

“The bar mitzvah, or at least its lavish celebration, is being co-opted by non-Jewish kids who want to have killer 13th birthday parties.”

Isn’t that a little like having a wedding where nobody actually gets married?

Look, I’m even a little skeptical of Bar and Bat mitzvah for jewish kids who have no intention of taking on the mitzvot, (is there a real point of maintaining tradition when there is no substance behind it?) but this is ridiculous.

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Laya Millman


  • This is good for the American economy. Think of all the happy bands, caterers and florists who are salivating at the thought that the Bar Mitzvah could become part of the Christian life cycle.

  • Laya — you’ve been living in Israel too long. The faux bar/bat mitzvah has been going on for awhile now. And Pittsburgh? Fuggetaboutit! Think Miami, Los Angeles, New York!

    The Gentiles are now trying to keep up with the Schwartzes. Go figure.

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