Jon Stewart's America (The Book)They have public libraries in Mississipi?

OK, OK, that was mean spirited and uncalled for. A south Mississippi library board last month voted to ban Jon Stewart’s best-selling book, America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy from eight public libraries because it objected to an image of the faces of the U.S. Supreme Court justices superimposed on nine naked bodies.

The library board reversed its decision on Tuesday, by a 5-2 vote, after receiving a barrage of complaints and negative publicity. One complainant sent an email blasting the decision and attacking Bob Willits, the Director of the Board:

One e-mail suggested that Willits reacquaint himself with the meaning “satire” and its significance in a political debate. The writer went on to say, “Since you pride yourself on having been a librarian for 40 years, my only hope is that you are close enough to retirement and/or the grave that the people of Mississippi will soon be rid of your paternalistic and non-sensical edicts.”

Yikes. It wasn’t all bad however:

Tara Skelton, who wrote a letter to the editor that helped bring media attention to the issue, said Tuesday she was looking forward to checking out the book from the Ocean Springs library. “I really love where I live,” Skelton said. “I’m so proud. Mississippi has done the right thing.”

And we’re all proud of Mississippi too Tara.

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  • Jon Stewart made the same joke (“they have public libraries? in mississippi?”) last night, actually, so you’re spot on…he had John Grisham on, who congratulated JS on the ban, predicting it would be great for sales.

    But just this morning, I got a note from Mississippi. They wanted to let me know they’ve banned Jewlicious. Oh, wait–here’s another note. You’ve been unbanned. Congratulations.

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