From Superfluous Juxtaposition and a post on birth control:

Doctor: In the meantime, what method of birth control are you currently using?
Me: Um, Jdate. Seems to be working well.

Baddam bam. Pow! Funniest non-JDaters Anonymous post about JDate, ever.

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  • I dunno, Moby. You’re upset you were matched with a JDate woman you found unattractive. Hil’s using her wit to fire back comedy at her doctor. In my mind, that gives Superjux the win.

    That does not mean I am not concerned for the aforementioned JDate woman; after all, eating ice cream for “desert” can’t be pleasant. After looking at this profile, I’m also thinking that it must be a joke profile. But what do I know? JDate’s “perfect matches” for me have been three guys I already know from the Upper West Side and a fourth who hadn’t logged on in two years. It’s an inexact science.

  • that wasn’t a match i found unattractive…that was a ridiculous fake profile in the vein of vice magazine. did you even read what it said?

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