Dang. Another Mossad Failure! Damn you Bangladesh!… or, why is Bangladesh even a country?

The Mossad’s vital intelligence gathering mission in uh… Bangladesh was dealt a fatal blow when alert members of the Bangladesh law enforcement community arrested Shoaib Choudhury. Choudhury carried out his nefarious activities while running Blitz an entertainment newspaper – the perfect vehicle for gathering high level Bangladeshi intelligence while effortlessly rubbing shoulders with the Bangladeshi political and military elite.

To further disguise his true purpose, Choudhury was also an outspoken advocate for interfaith dialogue and understanding, while also decrying the Bangladeshi press’ anti-Israel bias and support of terrorism. I mean what a better cover for a spy? Choudhury had also written an op ed piece for the Jerusalem Post and had well known contacts with prominent Zionists in the US. He was on his way to a conference in Israel when arrested. Good job government of Bangladesh – y’all saw right past his clever ruse! No wonder he was denied bail. Let that be a lesson to all who seek to mess with Bangladesh. You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to pull the wool over these guys’ eyes.

Yessiree Bob. Yup. That’ll learn us. Read the embarassing details of yet another Israeli intelligence failure here.

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  • Muffti doesn’t get the question. Bangladesh is a country because its people rose up against Pakistani oppression. It has 120 million people (way more than Israel), a democratic multiparty system. Does that meet your standard for why a country should exist?!?

  • Dude. Good thing you’re in Philosophy. Your surface knowledge of politics and history, gleened no doubt from a quick glance at VirtualBangladesh.com, is wanting. Even a cursory glance at the CIA World Factbook would tell you that Bangladesh is really just a glorified puddle that floods yearly during Monsoon season. Not only that, but anyone that pisses off the “democratically elected” government tends to find themselves arrested. Add to that police harrassment of homosexuals, police rapes and gang rapes of sex trade workers, “shoot on site” policies used against suspected “criminals,” the presence of children in the Bangladeshi armed forces, regular political violence etc. etc. and one can’t help but wonder, why is Bangladesh a country?

    Really, it would be better for all involved if they just packed up and left for drier, less turbulent climes and let the sea reclaim that little shithole.

    That way the Mossad wouldn’t have to place its spies there and waste the manpower.

  • i want to thank ‘site admin’ for the post but more for that great jpeg to go along with it.

    I wonder if ‘site admin’ talks like mufti in the third person.

  • The ck apologizes for the confusing of the josh. “Site admin” is really the ck but using the wrong username of the login. Please to forgive the ck for the making of the confusion. The ck is happy pants about you like the Spy vs. Spy of the Sergio Aragones. The Spies they make the ck smile, not like the Bangda… Bangadle… oh whatever. Those people are make me “Oh no you didn’t!”


  • this is rediculous , lol i am a bangladeshi jew !!
    yeh but guess what we got to hide our identity for protection
    this is weird isnt it , where is freedom of religion?

    • WHy do you have to hide? We are not like Pakis, I request you guys to come forward, reveal your religious identity and let the world see how tolerant Bangladeshi Muslims are, As a Bangladeshi it is your right to practice whatever religion you choose.

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