Rami Watid is JewliciousHe’s 12 years old, he lives in Israel, and he, along with his team mate Gai Gutherz, has just won an Israeli contest on general Zionist knowledge. Oh, one other thing. Little Rami Watid, who lives in Jaffa, is an Arab. Thus much like Catholic Madonna, who regularly attends synagogue services and travels to Israel, or the Korean-American woman who has a thing for dating Jewish men, Rami is demonstrating the emergence of a disturbing trend.

The Jews are supposed to be “a light unto the nations” and yet it seems like the nations are being a light unto the Jews. Madonna goes to shul more often than you do, Britney Spears has a greater reverence for Judaism than you do, many non-Jews are more turned on by Jews than you are, and a 12 year old Arab kid is more of a Zionist than you are. Man, you totally suck.

Can someone get me Rami Watid‘s address in Jaffa? All he got for winning was a crappy plaque and I think we ought to send him like an XBox or an iPod. Or at least a Jewlicious t-shirt.

Hat Tip Dept.: Moby got this story before I did. Bastid.

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