There’s just no call for that sort of crap. Asshole.

A Jewish settler salutes in a Nazi way, to compare the Israeli forces with Nazi troops, after he was arrested on the rooftop of the synagogue during the forced evacuation of the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom, in the southern Gaza Strip…

Oh and thanks for the explanation Yahoo and AP. Otherwise I would never have figured it out.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You tell ’em, CK!

    CK – things are spiralling – wiht Sheehan and the confluence of far left and far right, and the yids all too central to their alliance.

    When our own pull shtick like this it seems like it pours fuel on the fire.

  • DK, media seer Cindy’s decided to blame it all on Israel, from what I understand.

  • Tom, she’s denying she did it but her comments about Israel were from her e-mail address. 🙂

    This guy in the photo is a shame to the Jewish community and should be beaten. He should be forced to learn about what happened during that tragic era. Yes, Jews are being kicked out of their homes as we were in Nazi Germany. But the Gaza Jews were given an option to leave peacefully and get a compensation package. Nazis didn’t exactly offer that.

    That man simply needs to be beaten.

  • What you are doing to the palestinian people is quite similar to what the nazi did to you. i would not be surprised if you make up a “final solution”..

  • Oh my gosh. You have opened my eyes. You are so right! How could I have missed it?! Building hospitals, schools, providing the money so Palestinians can go to both, giving free health aid to Palestinians that fail in blowing themselves up but still manage to harm themselves, offering them citizenship, and many other acts of “terror”…it’s just like stripping people of their houses, torturing them, putting them in ghettos, crowding them on trains, working them until they starve to death, and then forcing them to pick up the bodies of their fathers and burn them……exact same. Thank you for opening my eyes you ignorant fuck.

  • Apologies to everyone else if the “ignorant fuck” part is offensive..I usually try to avoid using language like that. However I think the circumstance called for it.

  • Tim O’Farrel… get the f*ck out of here! why are you even here if you’re going to compare occupation to genocide.

    occupation of LUXURY compared to their own gov’ts. occupation of progress and advancement from the archaic ruins of Islam. occupation with aims at freeing people from their own radicals and eliminating terrorist threat.

    yup, sounds like a Nazi genocide to me. 😛 dumbass

  • ck I’m not so sure he’s directing the salute against the troops. It could be against the government and/or the withdawal in general. and I personally can justify the nazi germany comparison to what the Israeli government is doing to the settlers.

  • the soldiers are only following orders. Where have we heard that before.

    I keep hearing that the Israeli army is the ‘operating arm of the government’. This is something we usually hear about with regard to banana republics and fascist countries.

    Originally, the police were supposed to hand the dirty work – they are technically responsible for keeping the law. But the soldiers have been brainwashed and the media, from Thursday on, are now saying that the heroes of this expulsion are the soldiers adn police who are showing extreme tolerance in wake of the soul-piercing insults, the dramatic manipulations by the settlers, and those evil extremists kid infiltrators who came just to make trouble, and of course whoever sent them (pretty much the entire religious zionist sector).

    But we’ve already churned the subject of the importance of ‘law’ above human rights. and , uh, oh, now I’ll be called a buffoon.

  • Josh I notice you avoid my question.

    Should the arabs be removed from Israel or not?

  • to Tim O’Farrel ….
    how could you say a thing like that i would like you to come to israel and spend even a mounth here…
    im sick of people that say that the palestinian people are so poorless and needded, open youre eyes! i would never wish that you and youer family feel the hurt and the pain of a wounded country like israel!!!
    you are really ignorant.

  • I saw in this interesting website a ( fake of course) pic with Hitler and Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope. I can say as well the same you written under the nazi salut pic : there’s no call for that sort of crap. Asshole.

  • For what it’s worth, I think that it was indeed necessary for Yahoo/AP/whomever to put in the explanation. There are always going to be people who see these pictures and need some sort of context. There are plenty of people alive now for whom World War II is considered to be more or less ancient history, not realizing that there are still some people alive who lived through it (sometimes at the expense of many others who didn’t). It’s all a matter of context for the person reading.

    What might have been more appropriate, though, is an explanation of why such a move on that guy’s part is so incendiary. Because, again, so many people are willfully ignorant of history.

  • Listen if you want to talk about conspiracies-I all too familiar. First,let me open that i’m on a braod 100 linked virtual network connected to a wirless LAN. I have currently been fight facism at the upmost but radio personalities meant to help have somewhat blocked my success. So, in order for me to show the the “POWER?” in the sense that I could make myself disappear; I had a “host” of people call that I had been murdered. Their was absolute joy expressed. This was in reference to the passing of Aaliyah because the same ingratitude was expressed. I will keep intouch because I have much to say.

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