The brave guerrilas assholes of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine celebrating Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, a victory they did not win. Nice head covers. Bright red makes for a great sniper target. I’m just sayin … Hasn’t anyone told these dumbasses that communism is like, SO totally over? Hey! Dumbasses! Why are your women wearing burkas? You’re communists, you don’t believe in religion stupid!


Here we see more assholes from Islamic Jihad celebrating the same victory that they didn’t win. My don’t they all look so menacing.

Let’s hope the Palestinians take advantage of this situation and attempt to live in peace with Israel. These dipshits may look all scary, and if you are an unarmed innocent civilian, they actually can be. But the guerillas and their AK-47 pop-guns have never been a match for the IDF who has always managed to slice through them at will, like a hot knife on butter. Again, I’m just sayin is all …

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • ck: just wait for the first rocket to come out of the Strip. Can you say “Glass Parking Lot” boys and girls? Glass Parking Lot.

    Shabbat Shalom, Movie House.

  • Open your eyes!what you are doing to palestinian people is horrible!

    I also do not approve their means, but i can understand that when you are desperate you are prepared for everything.

    i agree with you that they did not win any war. in fact you are going away from gaza just to show that you are good, while at the same time you will reinforce your settlements in other areas.

    I am Irish and we know what it means to be in the condition of the palestinian.

    really. try to open your eyes. if your god really exist will appreciate that!

  • “if your god really exist will appreciate that!”

    i will bury you alive, no joke. that is a threat.

    –in relation to the article–

    hey, don’t diss communism, all the kibbutzim will flood with tears. it’s Marxist-Leninism that bans religion, not communism. judeo-communism in israel is a beautiful thing.

    islamic communism!? LOL. what a joke.

  • Ah, Irish. Then your comments are excused as you are most likely in a drunken fit of rage right now. 🙂

  • i hope you do get blown up, drinking in a catholic pub somewhere.

    when it comes to Jews vs. Arabs i am compassionate, and i care for the Arabs of the world. but when it comes to retarded drunken irishmen from the western world… oy vey iz mir… i hope you fall off your barstool and trip an IRA detonator or something.

  • Ok… Slow down… I agree that Tim O’Farrel’s comments are uninformed, misguided, and plain ignorant. However, there is no reason to resort to the fowel language, and personal attackts, and certainly death wishes are un-called-for. The answer for Jews is to make a kiddush HaShem, to educate, and to keep our head high. To lead by example and keep ourselves, our language, and our actions above reproach. We only fuel the fire of the ignorant and the hateful by responding in a short tempered, aggressive, and insiteful (not insightful) manner. It is our job to be an Ohr LaGoyim, a light untoo the nations, to lead by example. If we resort to hatered what hope is there for the world.

    Now, as for Tim O’Farrel, I appretiate your desire to empathize with a cause that you see as just, however, before you make brazen statments I suggest you take the time to educate yourself on the topic. A great starting resource can be found at:

    A Breif Excerpt on Reply’s to similar topics can be found below:


    “Israel’s policies in the territories have caused a humanitarian crisis for the Palestinians.”


    It is important to remember that Israel offered to withdraw from 97 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of Gaza, and it is the rejection of that proposal, coupled with incessant Palestinian terrorism, that has forced Israeli troops to carry out operations in the territories. Though these actions have caused hardship for the Palestinian population, the IDF has continued to ensure that humanitarian assistance is provided to Palestinians in need. For example, during just one 48-hour period (January 5-6, 2003), the IDF:

    * Coordinated the movement of Palestinians seeking medical care, assisting 40 to go to hospitals, including four patients from Gaza who were transferred to Israel for medical treatment.
    * Coordinated the movement of 284 Palestinians in the West Bank who were transferred by ambulance.
    * Coordinated the passage of building materials for the construction of a hospital in Kalkilya.
    * Coordinated the passage of humanitarian goods to Bethlehem.
    * Coordinated entry of ration cards sent by an international aid organization to the residents of Azoun.
    * Enabled the distribution of ration cards by the Red Cross in Salfit.
    * Coordinated the passage of agricultural produce and food between Muassi and Khan Yunis.
    * Coordinated the passage of an UNWRA team in Gaza to aid in the disposal of rubbish.
    * Arranged entry into Kalkilya for an Israeli Arab family from East Jerusalem to attend their son’s wedding.

    Even at the height of military action, such as the operation to clean out the terrorist nest in the Jenin refugee camp, Israeli forces have gone out of their way to assist Palestinian non-combatants. In the case of the Jenin operation, for example, the hospital there was kept running with a generator delivered under fire by an Israeli officer.


    “Palestinians living under ‘occupation’ have the lowest standard of living in the Middle East.”


    When Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967, officials took measures to improve the conditions that Palestinians had lived under during Jordan’s 19-year occupation of the West Bank, and Egypt’s occupation of Gaza. Universities were opened, Israeli agricultural innovations were shared, modern conveniences were introduced, and health care was significantly upgraded. More than 100,000 Palestinians were employed in Israel, and were paid the same wages as Israeli workers, which stimulated economic growth.

    The rise in violence during the 1990s, and then the war instigated by Palestinian terrorists beginning in 2000, has taken a heavy toll on the Palestinian economy. To protect its citizens from suicide bombers and other terrorists, Israel was forced to take measures that had a deleterious impact on the economy in the Palestinian Authority. The most serious step was to limit the number of Palestinian workers entering Israel to reduce the risk of terrorists pretending to be workers slipping into the country. This raised the level of unemployment, which, in turn, had a negative spillover effect on the rest of the Palestinian economy.

    Despite the collapse of the PA economy from the last five years of war, Palestinian Arabs are still better off than many of their neighbors. The most recent Human Development Report from the United Nations ranks the PA 102nd in terms of life expectancy, educational attainment and adjusted real income out of the 177 countries and territories in the world, placing it in the “medium human development” category along with most of the other Middle Eastern states (only the Gulf sheikdoms are ranked “high”). The PA is ranked just 12 places below Jordan and one behind Iran; it is rated ahead of Syria (#105), Algeria (#108), Egypt (#120), and Morocco (#125).31

    Few Palestinians would trade places with Arabs in neighboring countries. Well, perhaps, with one exception. They might aspire to the standard of living in the country ranked 22nd by the UN – Israel.


    “Israeli checkpoints are unnecessarily preventing Palestinians from receiving medical attention.”


    Israel has instituted checkpoints for one reason – to prevent Palestinian terrorists from infiltrating Israel. If the Palestinian Authority was fulfilling its road map obligations to dismantle the terrorist networks and disarm the terrorists, and its security forces were taking adequate measures to prevent Palestinians from planning and launching attacks, the checkpoints would be unnecessary.

    Israel tries to balance its security concerns with the welfare of the Palestinians, and is especially sensitive to the medical needs of Palestinians. Thus, many Palestinians are allowed to enter Israel to receive treatment from some of the finest medical facilities in the world.

    Unfortunately, Palestinian terrorists have tried to take advantage of Israel’s goodwill. In December 2004, for example, a Hamas agent with forged documents claiming that he was a cancer patient in need of medical treatment from an Israeli hospital was arrested by security forces. Hamed A-Karim Hamed Abu Lihiya was to meet up with another terrorist, obtain weapons from allies inside Israel, and carry out an attack. That same month, a man recruited by the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade to plant a bomb on the railway tracks near Netanya tried to use false papers indicating he needed hospital treatment to enter Israel. Another Hamas terrorist planning a suicide bombing was arrested in March 2005 after pretending to be a kidney donor.32

    On June 20, 2005, 21-year-old Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas was arrested attempting to smuggle an explosives belt through the Erez crossing. Bas aroused the suspicion of soldiers at the checkpoint when a biometric scanner revealed she was hiding explosives. When she realized they had discovered the explosive belt, she attempted unsuccessfully to detonate it.33

    Bas had been admitted on humanitarian grounds to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva several months earlier for treatment of massive burns she received as a result of a cooking accident. After her arrest, she admitted that the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade had instructed her to use her personal medical authorization documents to enter into Israel to carry out a suicide attack. In an interview shown on Israeli television, Bas said her “dream was to be a martyr” and that her intent was to kill 40 or 50 people – as many young people as possible.

    Nevertheless, Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a Palestinian obstetrician and gynecologist from the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, who has worked at the Soroka Hospital, wrote that he was “outraged at the cynical and potentially deadly suicide bombing attempt.” Dr. Abuelaish said he does research at the hospital’s Genetic Institute and has warm relations with his colleagues. “I make a point, whenever I’m at the hospital, of visiting Palestinian patients,” he said. “I also schedule appointments for other Gaza residents, and even bring medication from Soroka to needy patients in the Strip….On the very day that she planned to detonate her bomb, two Palestinians in critical condition were waiting in Gaza to be taken for urgent treatment at Soroka ”

    Dr. Abuelaish added, “Wafa was sent to kill the very people in Israel who are healing Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. What if Israeli hospitals now decide to bar Palestinians seeking treatment? How would those who sent Bis feel if their own relatives, in need of medical care in Israel, are refused treatment?”34

    The Israeli checkpoint saved the lives not only of countless Israelis, but of the Palestinian would-be suicide bomber. By using this tactic, the Palestinians have reinforced the necessity of retaining the checkpoints and forced Israel to carry out more stringent inspections, yet another example of how terrorists are making life unnecessarily difficult for innocent Palestinians.

    “Israeli hospitals extend humanitarian treatment to Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. These efforts continued when all other cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis came to a halt during the most recent intifada.”

    — Palestinian obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

  • Long live Palestinian resistance forces! Thats a clear victory, and every and each of you know that. Today Gaza tommoow Jerusalem. Occupants like crussaders, mongols, and you sionists come and go humiliated, but Palestine will lives forever.

  • Look people Israel started terrorism with the first hit back in 50’s. What have they done for any race other than theirs what do Israeli Jews do for our country? Make and sell a few semiconductor parts and like 5 firearms??? With them it is all about the money. This country’s sympathy and favoritism towards Israel sucks, what is Israel doing to help out in Iraq. Good jewish people like Speilberg and others in the government should put more sanctions on Israel. What would Isreal be without the American populus mostly Christian paying all the f-ing taxes. can you say 6 billion. Fuck religions and ways of life we are all people in this stink…just look at the face of radical muslim….don’t think it can just happen to them!

  • Apparently bonstuvious is not aware of certain historical difficulties with his assertions, such as the Arab massacres in 1929 and 1936 of mostly religious, defenseless Jews, long before the ’50s. But then again, history never matters to these people.

  • Bright red makes for a great sniper target.

    What a charming young woman you are, advocating murder of peaceful demonstrators.

    Is it just me or are mainstream Jews the most openly racist people on earth?

    Israel is not a flower in the desert. It’s a shitty little rogue state, full of, apparently, shitty little people.

  • “Peaceful demonstrators.” Bwahahahahahaha!

    Is there any evidence that these folks went and killed someone before, during or after this photo was taken? Do you know if they’ve ever killed anyone?

    My guess is the answer to these questions is no. Which makes you a racist, see?

    The only way pro-Israel Jews can accommodate themselves to the disgusting behavior of Israel is to believe themselves superior — more civil, smarter etc. then the people Israel has been plundering for the past half-century. It’s clear that many of them do.

  • Since when does “peaceful” mean having successfully killed someone?

    Also, although I’m not getting a doctorate in Philosophy, I’m afraid your logic gets an F.

  • Also, it’s pretty hard to be racist against people of your same race. It’s like calling Hutus racist for hating Tutsis. Religious strife, ethnic strife and land strife are all distinct from racism.

    But then again, truth or logic never really appeals to people who, out of all a whole world of real live dangerous genocidal rogue states to choose from, only focus on one state that isn’t. I wonder why?

  • “Peaceful demonstrators.”

    Did you take a look at the picture at the top of the page. Yeah, a lot of “peaceful demonstrators” carry around AK 47’s. What better way to demonstrate for peace that to carry automatic assault weapons? The fact of the matter is that Palastinians could not find peace if they were locked in a room with it, mostly becasue they do not care much for it. And the saddest part is the lies that their own leaders feed them.

  • Hajber,hajber o jews Muhammeds s.a.w.s. army will be back.
    All of you (jews) will be death and world (earth) will be (isAllah) on side of Islam.
    We will kill Dejjal!

  • The world will be a much better place without Arabs. The are born to hate themselves and everyone else. They lie constantly because they have no truth to live by.. What a waste of space on this earth. The authors of their own distruction!

  • i wish you dirty jews would stop breeding, but at least
    your women like it up the ass so dont reproduce 2 fast and
    all your babies are born with tay sachs disease and sickle
    cell because your so inbreed. In the end isreal will cease
    to be….we have obama baby, we can care less for you, glad you got your last shot at our palestinian brothers
    before Bush left office…..there goes your 3billion a year aid. and your lying foreign minister can stick an
    uzi up her dirty russian cunt!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s too bad that we Jews still take the time to argue with the people that want to kill us. By now, I have learned that these arguments are not in good faith. Just go back and read the pre-Holocaust anti-Semitic literature, or the its (far more rudimentary) equivalent pre-Spanish inquisition literature. This will show you that it is the same animal we are dealing with – it is just dressed differently. When we respond to people like “leonides soros” (imah shemo ve-zikhro), it is like a trying to convince a Nazi that he doesn’t deserve his store to be defaced.

    We Jews know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. Let’s be right with the Man Upstairs – these neo-Nazis (including Islamists) can only hurt us if He desires it.

    Greetings to most of you.

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