oyWho wouldn’t love a flash animation video game that features Sharon driving a bulldozer collecting little protesting orange-shirted children before they demonically pour sugar into his engine?

To play, visit this site and click the yellow bar (it says “saheyk” in Hebrew).

Honorable mention: Wild West Bank, which reminds me of whack-a-mole, but with settlers.

Hey, put that mallet down…I’m just the messenger…

ed note: A tip of the yarmulke to yitz for being so helpful with the stories. Have an easy fast buddy – ck

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  • um… exactly who is the target audience for this game? i doubt the residents of gush katif actually have internet access anymore… and even if they could see it, i think it would piss them off that someone’s making a game about the most painful problem the state of israel has ever faced.

  • yes, we do have internet access – and why would this surprise anyone? the gov’t and creators of this game hate jews anyway

  • does this happen to having anything to do with the Harry Belafonte remark about Kapos and Jewish collaborators with the gentile forcing Jews out of their homes?

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