Behold, the Putzmeister

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Laya Millman


  • I have been looking for replacement parts for my Putzmeister for years now! Can you tell me where you found your dealership, and who can service mine?

  • You know how that movie The Island was about a company growing spare Scarlett and Ewan parts? Well, I’m happy to tell you that Putz replacement parts are grown domestically in the US, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and come in several fashionable colors: Refor, Conservative, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox and Reconservadoxish.

    (Sorry, UWS guys. Couldn’t resist. And besides, I’m not talking about you…)

  • I am always looking for a new Position to fill in the company. One that requires “flexibility.” In other words, you have to bend over. For beginers, that means
    “entry level.” After getting it up in position with the company, I am looking foward to being an upstanding “Putzmeister.”

  • When you travel in Germany of course you see many stores that just sell “Fein Shmuck” which are just nice decorations. Schmucksachen which is jewelry is also a popular sign…

  • “putzen” is a verb, it means “to clean up”, it is not a name of any some germanic figure. Putzmeister means “cleaning up master” sounds like a very german tool…
    Never saw any sign for “Fein Schmuck” but we once had a store called “Betten Schmock”. It was on my way to shul and made me smile every shabbat…

  • … almost totalled my car the first time I saw one of these as part of an Israeli road construction crew. Good post!

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