Some of you may recall my enchanting post from several months ago, where we discussed the idiot musician Daniel Barenboim and his unfortunate predilection for making political statements at the expense of Israel.

So Barenboim was visiting a lovely part of Jerusalem to promote his sad new book written with the late Edward Said and was approached by a young reporter from IDF radio. The woman, a young soldier, was in uniform as per the rules governing all soldiers. Barenboim, seeing the uniform worn by those who risk their lives to protect the Israeli population and who ensure the continued existence of the state of Israel, took a hairy flying fit and refused to answer her question about his music. He then proceeded to berate her for wearing her uniform – yes, the very one she is obligated to wear – to this public event.

“I wanted to interview Barenboim very much and to ask him about the concert he conducted in Ramallah last week, about his musical vision and more. But he wouldn’t agree to talk to me, and started signing the book. I insisted. Then he said he refused to be interviewed by a soldier in a uniform and that he will agree to talk to me only if I come to him in civilian clothes,” Arad said in a report on Army Radio.

When she protested that she had no choice but to wear the uniform, Barenboim pulled on her epaulets and yelled at her, she said.

He later explained that it was a very poor choice of outfit with which to flatter her figure to attend an event commemorating a book that revolves around Edward Said.

Here are some suggestions. Perhaps Barenboim should have his future press conferences and publicity events in Gaza, which will soon be entirely under PA control, instead of Jerusalem which is under Israeli control? Perhaps he should have them in France or Germany where he is adored? Perhaps after the Wagner concert stunt, and this nasty behavior toward a young Israeli woman that reflects his animosity to both the military and the state of Israel, he should consider taking some politeness and manners classes?

Having said that, I disagree with Limor Livnat (Jewlicious!) calling him an anti-semite. This is definitely one of those times when the idiot musician can claim there is no anti-semitism here.

Just anti-Zionism.

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