The city of Burlingame, CA, previously famous as the site of a PEZ museum, recently spent $1,600 in order to obscure some shapes on a recently renovated playground. Why? Well because some guy complained that they looked like stars of David and that having little kids walk on them was disrespectful. I figure that Randy Schwartz, director of parks and recreation, who announced the alteration maybe should have known better. I’m also kind of stunned by one annoyed parent’s complaint (the playground was closed for a day), to wit:

“I can’t believe it,” said a Burlingame resident who wanted to remain anonymous. “The kids would not even know what (the Star of David) means.”

Uh… ok. Whatever. Yes, the star of David is currently understood to represent Judaism and Israel but it has zero religious significance, and as Wikipedia is quick to note “The shield of David is not mentioned in rabbinic literature. Notably, not a single archeological proof exists as yet concerning the use of this symbol in the Holy Land in ancient times, even after King David.” So should I be all “Hurray! Thanks for respecting our religion!” or should the proper response be “Yow. Chill. It’s just a playground.” I have no idea, so instead of discussing this really pressing issue further, please allow me share with you this totally gratuitous photo of Israeli soldier women out of uniform…

Soldier Babes

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