Canada is promising to become more friendly to Israel in the U.N.

Canada has decided to adopt a more pro-Israel stance in the United Nations regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict and to move closer to the positions of Israel and the United States.

The decision followed a tough campaign by prominent members of the Canadian Jewish community, who directly lobbied Prime Minister Paul Martin to change Canada’s voting pattern.

Martin’s Liberal government, which is approaching general elections, has indicated that it would change its vote on three out of some 20 resolutions about the Middle East. This is in addition to changing its vote on four resolutions last year.

Bwahaahahahahahahahahahaha! You don’t suppose there is a pending election, do you?

I still recall seeing lawn-signs in the last election when I was visiting Toronto. The signs pointed out that the Liberal government never voted in the U.N. on behalf of Israel on any resolutions involving Israel.

ck – feel free to add a schizophrenic image.

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  • Found on from December 1, 2005:

    Canada opposed three anti-Israeli resolution this morning at the UN General Assembly in New York.

    Canada voted down along with the USA, Australia and Israel, among others, the resolutions on the “Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People”, the maintaining of the “Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretary” and on the “Syrian Golan”. The Canadian delegation said it deplored the wasting of Secretariat resources and that it believes there are better measures than these resolutions to reach a negotiated settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

  • Speaking of canadian politics, does anyone know what’s up with the tax cuts they’re promising? As far as I can tell, the government doesn’t have huge surpluses of money… Maybe they should work on health care first, instead of giving money away…

  • One more reason to elect the Conservatives. They don’t have to promise anything… they just will.

    Here’s a little bit of Stephen Harper’s Riding Trivia:
    Stephen Harper’s riding in Calgary SW – which is in the same district as the JCC, the Kosher Bakery, the Kosher Style Deli, the Orthodox Shul, The Conservative Shul, the Chabad Shul, and the Reform Shul. I think the Chever-Kadaisha and the two Jewish cemetaries are Calgary SW as well.

    So will Harper get the Calgary Jewish vote? Methinks the answer is yes.

    Which is odd, because some Calgarians equate Stephen Harper to Hitler.

  • The liberals are all talk no action, but aren’t the conservatives also getting the white power part of the vote? I just don’t know who I’ll vote for. Tachlis it’s best to vote for the conservatives. They have the right values. Still they spook me a bit.

  • Forgive me cuz I’m a bit out of the loop, but don’t the current Conservatives want to water down federalism to the point where they are simply a mild form of the PQ?

  • “Speaking of canadian politics, does anyone know what’s up with the tax cuts they’re promising? As far as I can tell, the government doesn’t have huge surpluses of money… Maybe they should work on health care first, instead of giving money away…”

    patty-cake, Canada is the only G-7 country whose government has run a consistent budget surplus. Eight years running, in fact. Billions of dollars in surplus. I’m no fan of the proposed tax cuts, but I had to correct your misconception of Canada being not-so-well-off economically. (The U.S. is in major deficit, though. Maybe you confused us with the indebted Bush administration.)

    And what do you mean by “work on health care”? The US spends more per capita on health care than Canada, yet provides less adequate care (and basically *no* care to its poorest citizens). I’ve been to the hospital three times this year, and have never seen any paperwork or bills, or even pulled out my wallet. American health care has the highest error rates, most disorganized care, and highest costs of most comparable industrialized nations. And Americans also seem to need to come to Canada just to buy medicine. I think there’s lots to be fixed in our health care system, but I have little patience for outsiders levelling criticism about one of our country’s finest institutions. A “Greastest Canadian” poll named Tommy Douglas, the originator of socialized medicine, to that title.

    (Wow… Budget surpluses, vast Arctic wilderness to suck resources out of, free medicine, and lots of Albertan oil too! If GWB could find us on a map, I’d worry about being invaded…)

  • Having lived in two different countries that have two tier medical systems (US and Australia) I love our Canadian medical system (I’m born and raised Canadian, just had a couple moments of insanity 🙂 ).

    Something else to add to the issues of medicine in the US. The greatest cause of bankruptcy amongst the American middle class is medical debt.

    As for the Conservatives, concidering they’re anti-abortion, anti-immigration, anti-a lot of other things. Their proposal for daycare subsidies has flash but lacks depth whereas the current Liberal plan is long term and truly benefits those who need help. I’ll have to stick with the Liberal party. There’s no one else to vote for. Plus Harper’s one scary dude.

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