Gwyneth Paltrow, the WASPiest looking woman on earth, a direct descendant of Rabbi David Ben Samuel Ha-Levi, a famous 17th-century authority on Jewish law, and great-great-great granddaughter of Rabbi Tsvi Paltrowitch, the Gaon of Nitzy-Novgorod in South West Russia is keeping in touch with her Jew-roots;

Gwyneth Paltrow has started taking her Jewish roots seriously after missing out on two years of fasting during the religion’s high holy days.

The actress was pregnant with baby Apple in 2003 and breastfeeding her daughter in 2004, so she made sure she honoured Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in style in 2005.

And Paltrow plans to pay tribute to her ancestors every year from now on.

She says, “I am the result of generations and generations of rabbis back in Minsk. They call it a rabbinical dynasty.”

Such Yichus! Gwyneth, we’re shepping nachas! Give little Applele a kiss on her shayna punim for us and we’ll see you in shul next year darling!

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Laya Millman


  • I saw this on Daves site too, this is too funny, if she’s Jewish than the way she looks anyone in Hollywood could be Jewish.

    Maybe she is talking about it now cause she is upset she wasnt on VH1’s Jewtastic

  • way to kill a joke, Mike. actually Gwyneth Paltrow has talked about her Jewish identity before. why are you hating, Chaim? gwyneth is one of the more intelligent, talented and generally well adjusted people in Hollywood as far as I can tell. i think she’s a doll.

  • Pretty, sure. Talented, kinda. Intelligent? Uh… did she actually say “I completely stand behind America (even though I’m too scared to live here)”?

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