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Muffti just noticed that this series was up for a JIB award. It’s a bit ironic: a possible award for a series that is dedicated to giving out ‘awards’. Let Muffti take a brief moment to express his opinion about awards like the JIB: he doesn’t like them. they serve no purpose (pace what CK says: there is no need to have awards in order to expose people to the wealth of great Jewish blogs. Links do that just fine).

In any case, this week’s HSOW award goes to the Serbian Defense League. The Serbian Defense League’s site starts with a simple premise:

Research uncovered that Jews in positions of power were conspiring to break up Yugoslavia into states friendly with Israel because it needed their votes in the UN Security Council. As our founder was attacked for exposing the conspiracy against the Serbs who were opposing the breakup, further research uncovered that Jews in U.S. government took part in the conspitracy by introducing resolutions to use military power to take away Serb ancestral lands and hand them over to Croats and Bosnian Moslems.

[emphasis mine]
A brief history lesson: In 1991, Slovenia and Croatia declared independance from the former Yugoslavia. Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina followed in January 1992. Slovenia escaped fairly easily from Yugoslav control but there were significant Serb populations in the others which led to a great deal of bloodshed. The words ‘ethnic cleansing’ became popular. It ended in 1995 (though trouble re-occured 1996 in Kosovo). Yugoslavia was left considerably smaller and in the hands of Slobodan Milosevic, who is now on trial for war crimes. For a full and exhaustive brief, see here. Evidence suggests that no country in the wars left without committing their fair share of attrocities.

So how did the Jews cause this series of disasters? The evidence on the site is remarkably thin, scattered and speculative. According to one page, a firm known as Ruder Finn headed partly by David Finn (who they claim is Jewish) took a good deal of Kosovo money in order to portray the Serbians as the bad guys and encourage world support for bombing Serbian targets. Which happened. However, in another part aptly titled ‘Jews Have Serbian Blood on their Hands’, the case against the Jews is more complete. Here’s an excerpt:

1999 — U.S. Senator Specter, Jew, introduced the resolution authorizing air operations and missile strikes as part of larger NATO operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. — More to come.
1993 — Roy Gutman, Jew, lied about Serbs — Newsday earned its third Pulitzer Prize for Foreign Reporting in 1993 when Roy Gutman revealed existence of death camps in the former Yugoslavia.

Their evidence ranges from the speculative to the just plain wierd. At one point they claim that the war in Iraq is being fought entirely for the Jews, citing as evidence a column by Ariel Natan Pasko in Arutz Sheva. Of course, the latter were essentially making some whacko unbelievable religious claim about how God makes everything happen for the Jews:

However, we already knew that this war is for us – i.e., the Jews and Israel. Chazal – our sages – throughout the ages have explained the Torah, telling us that everything that happens in the world is for the benefit of the Jewish People.

This should raise a few eye brows about the quality of research being done by the Serbian Defense League. But what do you expect from a bunch that accuse the Jews of declaring war on Germany in 1933!:

In 1933 world’s Jewry declared a war on 100 million Germans who wanted their country back from 600,000 Jews who got control of the economy with cheap money after World War I when the German mark was devalued. Jewry behaved as if the German people owed them the country for which their ancestors fought and died for centuries.

If you read on you’ll discover that Hitler was merely putting them in work camps to keep his people from starving…

The site is chock full of this sort of thing. They even have strange things to say about Serbians:

The Serb is unique, a combination of stubborness, willingness, courage, cowardice, generocity, greed, and a few other contradictions in terms. Which of those traits the Serb displays depends on his environment. Most Serbs have no respect for each other, so their worst comes out when they are among their own; but when they are among outsiders, their best comes out and they can’t do enough to earn a stranger’s respect…

One good thing the Serbian Defense League does is highlight the Serbian genocide during WWII at the hands of the Nazis and the Croatian Ustashe collaborationist government. Anti-Nazi resistance in Serbia was greater than anywhere else in the Balkans and they paid heavily for it. Yugoslavia suffered the worst losses of nearly any country during the war. The world shoulnd’t forget the bravery of the Serbs nor how much they suffered for that bravery.

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  • Thanks Middle! Muffti has missed you guys too! But it’s not easy trying to become Jewlicious’ first professor! 🙂

  • Yea, all through the riverbanks in Nis, Serbia swastikas rule. Skinheads, particularly, are a real problem in Serbia, especially when they attack Gypsies, which is often. I posted something similar on Jewschool months back. Antisemitism in the Balkans in an interesting thing that contradicts, especially, the Serbian war narrative.

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