JordanThis is my nephew Jordan. He’ll be 2 in July. In this photo he’s taking a bath after we came back from megillah reading. As you can see he’s a total cutie and one of the hardest things about moving to Israel was leaving Jordan and his cousin Noam behind in Canada. I left Montreal that night, sad that it would be a while before I got to see him again.

Well, I stoppped off in New York on my way back Jerusalem. Yesterday I got a call from my sister. Apparently Jordan has a tumor in his tummy. They ran tests and it is cancerous. The good news is that it is treatable and he ought to be eventually fine. He’s in the oncology ward at the hospital right now and he is mighty pissed.

Could you all do me a little favour and think of him in your prayers? His Hebrew name is Nissim ben Rachel. My family and I would totally appreciate it.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Very cute indeed, but poor little guy! Good thing he’s in Canada, I am sure he’ll get the best care there is.

  • sooo cute! he and his parents will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish this little bonbon refua shlema!

  • He`ll be in mine, too. I`m a Christian myself, but I don`t suppose it makes that much of a difference, ultimately.

  • CK- check out …. it is an organization that helps parents and families when they are confronted with a situation like this. They are truly amazing in many different ways. May that little one have a speedy and complete recovery.

  • CK, of course. So sorry to hear this–but with John pulling out the “Steel Magnolias” quotes and the rest of us Tehlilimizing, we’ll all be doing what we can. Refuah shlemah to Jordan and lots of koach to the family.

  • We have dedicated our Parsha and Pizza Class to his refuah and will continue to daven and think of him. Our prayers are with you and your mishpocha. Refuah Shlaima!

  • CK, sending lots of love and prayers. Let his name, Nissim be a segual for many miracles to come his way.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do. I know that there are sites with lists of people to daven for. I will send his name on to my friends.

  • I know somebody made a comment about chai lifeline and I used the organization when I was diagnosed. If you dont like your doctors they will fly you to New York and in the summer camp simcha takes wonderful care of kids and they pay for everything. I live in Canada also and even though they are in the U.S. they help Canadians. If you want anymore information on them the website is

    CK I hope this helps. love and prayers

  • Ck, you should say Tehillim, maybe someone could organize that everyone says a couple, to get the whole sefer done every day. I will say #’s 48-51 every day starting tommorow, bli neder.

  • I put in a m’sheberach for him at shul on Shabbos. I hope it helps.

  • thanks everyone! we recieved some good news yesterday and Jordan will begin treatment soon. He’s been such a good boy this past week, and like my dad said, it’s as if he’s trying to tell us all not to worry so much, that he’ll be fine.

  • I’m jordan’s dad and i really appreciate all the prayers for my son. I must say that he is a very tough kid. He has now started his chemo therapy . He’s going to make it.Thanks to all.

  • hi everyone, I am Jordan Nissim’s Mommmy (just like he calls me). Thank you,thank you a million times for all your prayers (please continue) hashem will help us and he’ll be out there happy and healthy chasing down these cute nurses when he feels better. Please keep him in your prayers, this is a horrible disease and I wish no other person should have this experience. CK-He misses you very much, but I am glad you don’t have to see him like this. Thank you for everything. I will keep you wonderful people posted on his recovery.


  • I am not a jew.It is not really important matter because we are the same before GOD. He will be in my prayers every nigh.

  • How is this gorgeous little fella doing? Any news? I’m keeping him in my thoughts.

  • Thanks ofri and everyone else – y’all are totally amazing – As is little Jordan. OK granted he’s a bit pissed off but you’d be too. I spoke to him before shabat and he was lively as ever even though he’s finished his first week of treatment. His Mom has to stick him with medecine to help with the nausea and lack of appetite but it all seems to be working. The next phase of his treatment will result in the loss of his beautiful golden tresses but what the fuck, you know? In 2 weeks or so it’ll all be over and his prognosis is very good for a full recovery. So keep him in your prayers and thanks a million for all the nice thoughts. So far we’ve been very lucky and I fully recognize that not all families have been blessed with similar luck. My prayers go out to them as well …

  • ck, I’ve been putting in a me’sheberach for Nissim every Shabbos since this post first went up. Let me know when it is no longer needed.

  • Ephraim you totally rock. Jordan/Nissim is, as I just wrote, undergoing treatment. I guess another 2 weeks of misheberachs would be ok. Also let me know when you’re in Jerusalem – I sooo owe you a beer or a coffee or something!