cory bookerWe sometimes become pre-occupied, rightly so, with the going’s on in Israel. There are some other things happening in the world that also could use a Jewlicious Spin.

Lindsey Lohan studying Kabbalah, Ehud Olmert giving away the Holy Land, The Red Wings lost, and a host of other setbacks this week, its enough to make a grown man cry.

But truthfully there is a silver lining in all of this.

  • The Kabbalah [which means "receipt" in modern Hebrew] Center now looks increasingly like a place for worn out celebs as opposed to a place for real spiritual journeys.
  • Ehud is bound to destroy his own coalition, because Diaspora Jewry, and most Israelis will reject the division of Jerusalem. Ehud, pal, I have some free political advice: Drop the issue.
  • And the loss of my home-team the Red Wings means that there is a chance for someone else to win this year.
  • But what I really came to write about today is: Cory Booker for Mayor of Newark.

    It is hard to discern from our stats if we are making inroads into Newark, so perhaps the chances of someone reading this and then going and voting for Cory are slim. And I am not sure how much an official Jewlicious Endorsement (were there to be such a beast) would help his chances of winning this election at all. Still, Cory is a wonderful man that I had the honor of knowing back in Oxford days, and I have been following his unlikely political career. Here is a guy with degrees from Stanford, Oxford and Yale Law School, working day and night to get a thankless job as Mayor of one of America’s poorest cities.

    The NY Times has a long article today about his campaign, but neglects some important points: Cory has a great sense of humor and is a certified mench.

    Sharpe James, outgoing “mayor” of Newark, waged an all out smear, smash, and destroy campaign against Cory back four years ago. James bullied Newark city employees into intimidating Cory campaign workers, and other nefarious activities. This was captured in an Academy Award nominated film Street Fight. James has thankfully bowed out, and hopefully that will be his curtain call. (He is still running for Senator sadly enough.)

    So if you are registered to vote in Newark, consider voting for Cory. If you know anyone in Newark, tell them to consider voting for Cory.

    EDIT: Mazel Tov Cory. It seems he won a landslide!

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    Rabbi Yonah


    • SO TM, waddaya think of Olmert’s chances for a run at more than six months? If I were a betting man, which I am not, I would place the odds on Olmert being out of a job before Rosh Hashanah. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking.

      Hamastan takes over East Jerusalem?

    • What do you care Yonah? How much time do you actually spend drinking Turkish coffee on Saladin street?

    • If by “Olmert” you mean Otniel Shneller, and by “Jerusalem” you mean Abu-Ram and Abu-Tur — yeah, Olmert said he was going to divide Jerusalem.

    • I haven’t seen those reports anywhere else. But let’s assume this report is correct. I am fine with the neighborhoods listed staying with the Palestinians. On the contrary, in terms of demographics it would be just fine if they stay out of Israel and rejoin their brethern.

      Olmert isn’t going anywhere. If Shas bolts, he brings Meretz in and the convergence is done.

      We need to get outta there, Rabbi, it’s destroying Israel. Look at the self-righteousness behind a soldier in the IDF refusing to respect the top general because he executed the political will of the nation.

    • Why does it matter what Diaspora Jews think about Olmert’s plan? Disengagement is an internal Israeli issue for the Israeli people to decide, not armchair pundits safe in the US who don’t have to worry about the consequences of perpetuating the failed project in the territories. Why should foreign non-citizens have the right to dictate a sovereign nation’s foreign policy merely on account of their ethnicity or religion?

    • Forget the Wings, Rabbi. Get behind the Tigers. You heard it here first: someday, Jeremy Bonderman will win the AL Cy Young Award.

    • Newark will not be one of America’s poorest cities much longer. With the new train station coming, it is a 10 minute commute to NYC, which means it will be yuppified and “gentrified” in no time. Public housing is being torn down and luxury co-ops are being built. The poor, homeless, gang members, criminals and drug addicted will have to find someplace else to hang-out because land near NYC is scarce and G-d ain’t makin’ any more of it. Like the now unaffordable Jersey City and Hoboken, Newark is next. The disenfranchised will become a “fringe element” once the real estate brokers come in there and drive up prices. Buy now and don’t say I didn’t warn you, regardless of who is the next Mayor. Booker was endorsed by Oprah, I’m sure he’ll win.

    • Great to know Oprah and I root for the same team.

      As far as “disengagement” the whole thing is a fallacy. Multi ethnic cities can and do survive, but it requires the cooperation of both parties.