Oy, what's this then?English footie fans are bein’ invited ter wotch the World Cup… from inside a former Nazi jail. Live games will be beamed ter 1,500 fans in the prison courtyard surrounded by barbed wire and searchlights. The bleedin’ nineteenff Century Tauberbischofsheim jail were used by the Nazis ter imprison rounded-up Jews before they were sent ter Dachau concentration camp and killed. Tauberbischofsheim used ter have a 106-strong Jewish community. Of them, 49 survived by fleein’ ter the US before World War Two. Only six of the rest survived the Holocaust. But enuff a’ that!

The Sunday Mirror reports that beer from a local brewery and pizza, schnitzel and bratwurst will be on sale at the free viewing. The ex-jail willl also host pop concerts during the entirety of World Cup. The small town of Tauberbischofsheim is 90 minutes from the venues of England’s opening Group B matches against Paraguay in Frankfurt and Trinidad & Tobago in Nuremberg.

All that’s even more tasteless than the graphic accompanying this post. Now that’s impressive! To hear Mssrs. Hoffman and Karle, the local organizers, speak about this event, you can’t help but think they’re merely civic boosters eager to let people know about their little town. They don’t sound malicious and if anything, they seem a tad naive. But nevertheless, I can’t help wondering what their fathers and grandfathers were doing during the war …

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  • Umm, amazing. German efficiency strikes again. What do you do with the rowdiest football hooligans & larger louts? Why put them in jail, and make it seem like a cheap vacation! The Germans. Never doubt that they retain this certain ‘cultural consciousness’ about ways to deal with troublesome populations. It’s always with them. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Wow. Honestly, the graphic caught my eye first and I thought..How could this graphic be “out douched”..and then the Germans managed to easily out douche the image, with gusto.

    But hey, they Germans aren’t totally lost, they are sensitive to our friends to the southeast needs. Pathetic.

  • Oh my god, that’s just really scary and nauseating. Is anyone out there organizing official protests or something? Very sick!

  • I find this terribly ironic and appropriate, since football in England is one of the most powerful forms of social control. If we in Britain switched off the beer taps and the football TV tomorrow we would have a national revolution. Pathetic, but in such bad taste, that it is actually rather good.